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The filling machines and palletizing machines

GREIF-VELOX develops sophisticated and sustainable solutions for the filling, bagging and palletizing of your products. We produce filling plants that satisfy all requirements for cost efficiency and investment security.

The GREIF-VELOX way to the filling system for your product

Our experts for filling technology support you from a requirements analysis to customer service and—if necessary—all the way to completely newly developed process technology.

Your product and container selection decisively determine the filling and packaging process. At your request, our mechanical engineers analyze all the relevant factors for the design of the appropriate filling system within the context of a feasibility study.

Your product

We provide customized solutions for the specific requirements of your product in the filling and bagging process regardless of whether it concerns → sensitive food, → very dusty powder, → strongly fluidized substances with a bulk density below 0.2 kg/l as well as explosive or corrosive chemicals.

Your packaging materials and containers

Wir analysieren die für Ihren Wäge-, Abfüll- und  Verpackungsprozess notwendigen Eigenschaften Ihrer Packmittel. GREIF-VELOX-Abfüllanlagen befüllen alle gängigen Gebinde: Vom Ventilsack, Offensack und Big-Bag über Kanister und Fässer – unsere Anlagen füllen Schüttgüter oder flüssige und pastöse Stoffe voll- oder halbautomatisch ab.


Your requirements

We offer filling and bagging machines including dosing, weighing and sealing of the containers.
With our -> Full-Line you can opt for a filling solution from a single source: from silo or tank all the way to a pallet ready for shipment.
The control technology of our machines integrate a wide range of additional components in the filling process. Product testing methods can be included before and during filling or bagging, e.g., metal detection or check-weighing. Faulty bags and containers are automatically removed during filling or bagging without stopping production.
We integrate components such as labeling, printing, -> palletizing and load securing fully automatically into the filling process if necessary.

Full-line filling machines for liquids